I absolutely love meal prep, with such a busy lifestyle I am always finding myself in a situation where I am starving and the only option I have it to grab something on the go whcih usually turns out to be not so healthy, When I am on top of my game and organized I meal prep, it is a great way to stay on track with healthy eating, saves you time and it tastes great. Here are 10 options for you to use in your next meal prep.

Baked, lemon tilapia with steamed broccoli and brown rice with sauteed peppers and green onions.

Turkey rice along with a side of our sauteed spinach and mashed steamed butternut squash

Simple rice and kidneys with steamed broccoli and a quick and tasty sauteed chicken breast and peppers

Turkey meatloaf and creamed cauliflower with garlic string beans

(Baked chicken, zesty honey kale and roasted sweet potatoes.)

Baked salmon with brown rice and sauteed brocoli

Spaghetti squash with turkey meatballs and brocoli

BBQ chicken with lime rice and steamed spinach

Coconut Tilapia with roasted carrots and Peas

Black beans, sauteed ground turkey and tomatoes, steamed broccoli and rice

What is your favourite meal prep recipe?

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