Valentine’s Day is the occasion when you can both show how much you love someone and feel loved all in the same day, what can be better then that? Today I am sharing some of my favorite Valentine’s Day ideas. Here are 10 creative ideas to show that special someone “I LOVE YOU”

On small pieces of paper, write down every kind of kiss that you can think of (examples: passionate, on the cheek, etc.). Then fill an inexpensive red felt bag with your “kisses” and give it to your spouse. Ask your spouse to pull several pieces of paper from the felt bag, and then give your sweetheart whatever kind of kiss is described.

Organize a scavenger hunt for your loved one. Ask him/her to answer riddles to find the clues to items that you placed somewhere around town or in your house.

After enjoying a candlelight dinner for two at home that you make, give your spouse a massage and watch a romantic movie

Surprise your spouse with a special getaway together. The little bit of effort you put into making a reservation at your favourite bed and breakfast can create a lasting lifelong memory for the two of you

Give your wife a dozen roses. On each stem attach a note for a future date—to do something that she would enjoy

Have 11 roses delivered to your wife, and then give her a 12th yourself while reading her a love poem.

Hide little heart candies in your spouse’s shoes, coat, car, etc. This will give them surprises throughout the day until you can get together to celebrate

Write a poem for your spouse and frame it.

Surprise your husband when he comes home from work on February 14. Place a welcome sign on the kitchen table and leave a trail of red foil-wrapped Hershey kisses to your bedroom

After your spouse goes to bed, tape notes to his car’s steering wheel with reasons that you love him, or decorate the bathroom mirror with lipstick kisses or Valentine’s window clings, when they get in the car on Valentines Day they will be surprised

Love is not meant to be given and received just on Valentine’s Day. Instead, it’s to be practiced every single day of the entire year, but February 14th is a good day to start.

What are some of your favourite ways to spend Valentines Day?

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