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To keep on with this whole health kick that I seem to be on, I thought it’d be fun to write out some ways to be healthier in 10 minutes or less. I know a big reason people (me included) fall off the health wagon is because of time. I’ve been trying some of the items off this list and I’ve gotta admit, I’m doing pretty well! Feeling really good lately! Not all of these have to do with eating and exercise, but overall health – since that’s the important part!

1. Drink a large glass of water 30 minutes before eating anything in the morning. 2. See how long you can jump rope before messing up. LOL. I actually am going to try this later this week; I literally just ordered a jump rope 3. Speed walk around the block a few times. This is totally my go-to. And then I usually end up going a little bit longer because I sort of get into it. But telling myself it’s only around the block helps get me moving! 4. Make a protein + healthy fat snack, like an apple with almond butter or veggies and hummus. 5. Hold a plank for a set of commercials. 6. Use the Headspace app for one of their 10-minute meditations. I actually have been exploring it (just a bit!) and I’m interested. Not into it, but I’m interested. 7. Do a few rounds of yoga sun salutations. 8. Drink a cup of green tea after eating for digestion. 9. Take 10 deeps breaths in and hold your breath for a few seconds before releasing each time. 10. Write down everything that’s on your mind.

11. Stretch for an entire 10 minutes. This is harder than you may think! 12. Make a green smoothie and get in a bunch of nutrients.

13. Call your doctor or dentist and make that lingering appointment. But really, you need to take care of yourself. You can do it! If anything, at least go to the dentist! 14. Diffuse essential oils to cleanse the air, especially as flu season sneaks up.

15. Schedule out your workouts for the next week. I do this every week and find it makes me stick to it if its planned and written down

OK those are my ideas – can you share any of yours?!


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