When thinking about what blogging knowledge I have that could potentially help someone starting out or even in the thick of the industry, the thing that came to mind was to share a few learning experiences I’ve had as a blogger. I have been blogging for over year and a half now and I thought of a few mistakes (or should I say “learning experiences”) to share that will hopefully give you some food for thought!

Post with purpose: I remember when I first started blogging, I so obsessed about getting a post up on my site. I had zero photos in the queue. I think I was so excited about launching my blog so I basically just whipped up an idea out of thin air. It was not thought out properly and had zero purpose. I thought having something new on the site would be the important part.

Lesson Learned: 1) plan out posts in advance (a content calendar is an invaluable tool!) and 2. if you don’t have a post prepped, it’s okay to hold off and go a little silent for a minute until you have something worth posting to publish. Just because” there’s a gap in your posts your readers will still be there a few days later!

Becoming a work-a-holic: This one is so tough to overcome. You are so excited about this new adventure that it feels like you only blog, eat, take photos, edit photos, upload blog entry, sleep, repeat for a year straight.

When you are putting so much time and energy into getting something off the ground, it’s easy for that to become your world. And eventually when your blog becomes both your career and your passion at the same time, it’s tough to find a balance so it does not overtake everything else in your life.

My blog is my work and definitely my passion, but there’s a lot more to life then this. Note to self: step away from your computer, go do something that has nothing to do with blogging (or fashion!), learn about something else, go spend time with your family, try a new coffee shop with your husband, keep it interesting and don’t get too caught up in your blogging world.

Worrying about others approval: I think as I get older I realize more and more that life is too short to worry about pleasing everyone 100% of the time. As you all know there are so many great bloggers out there and when I first started it was hard not think about others approving, especially when you are new at all this. One of the most important things I have learned while blogging is how mych support there is from the blogging community. We are all doing the same thing and I feel like there will always be some judgment and hate but overall I have had such a positive experience with others in this industry it really gave me the confidence not to worry about others approval.

Whether you’re in the blogging industry or work in something completely different. There is no shame in making mistakes that you can acknowledge and learn from – I know this list will only continue to grow!

Wishing you a fabulous day!

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