Updated: Oct 27, 2018

I have a closet full of tons of Spring essentials, but yet I still reach for my easy going casuals regularly. Because you know, sometimes I just want a laid back outfit that matches my mood. These are those pieces I reach for on a throw-on-concealer-and-lip-gloss kind of days. And not only that, I’ll probably wear these 4 pieces so much that I’ll have to invest in new versions next spring summer because they’ll get so much use – mainly because I can also mix and match them with my bright pieces too. Here are my 4 tried and true, double-duty, must-have basics for every spring and summer closet.

1. Denim Jacket

EVERY closet needs a denim jacket. I usually like to have a warm weather version and a cold weather version at ALL times. Denim will go with every other pattern and color – no thinking involved. I’m loving denim jackets with dresses, leggings, skirts, rompers and even denim.

2. Distressed Coloured Jeans

It’s a no-brainer that jeans are a staple year round – but you might not realize that coloured denim is a little trickier to wear. It might be because dark washes are super slimming but light colours are a different story. A little more effort goes into trying on and finding the perfect coloured jeans. A little trick of mine to get around this is to go for the distressed versions that offer a little distraction to the eye. Try these colouured jeans they are a great light wash, and the length is perfect for Spring.

3. Neutral slip-ons

I’m sure you’re reading this like DUH,. But, sometimes I have to state the obvious. Every girl needs a great pair of neutral slip-ons to carry her through spring and summer. The pair that will go with jeans but also dresses. And ones that are easy to wear for long periods of time. I decided my go-to pair this year would be these white leather vans and I can tell you my decision was a really good one – I love this shoe and wear it all of the time!

4. The Classic White Shirt

The classic white shirt is about as essential to your wardrobe as the neutral shoe above. With travel plans on the horizon you need at least one classic white shirt that can be dressed either up or down. I’m loving my gause white top. Tons of room and it’s very lightweight and can be worn with oretty much everything in my closet.


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