Since becoming a full time blogger one of the questions I get most is, “How do bloggers make money?” Blogging can be a great way to earn an income; however, monetizing isn’t as easy as it seems. Before I kick this post off, I want to caution that there’s a lot of work involved. I started blogging almost 5 years ago and it wasn’t until 2 years into it that I started monetizing my blog. It’s important to remember that what works for one person may not necessarily work for you, and everyone’s timeline looks different. Today I’ll be talking about four ways bloggers make money and how you can too. The various methods listed below are great starting points for everyone no matter where you’re at in your career.

1. Affiliate Links

The most common and easiest ways to start earning income on your blog is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting another brand’s products. All you have to do is find a product you like, promote it to others on your blog, and earn a commission on each sale or click. RewardStyle (LikeToKnow.it), ShopStyle,and Amazon Affiliates are a few of the most common platforms for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers. I’m a personal fan of rewardStyle and LikeToKnow.it because of the easy interface for not only bloggers but for shoppers too.

My tips for maximizing income from affiliate links are to first establish yourself as an authority by creating useful, entertaining content about a specific topic. I emphasize specializing because viewers are more likely to trust your opinion when you come off as an expert in that one subject. Also, take advantage of affiliate links during huge sale seasons like end of summer or end of winter as well as annual sales like the Nordstrom Sale.

2. Brand Sponsorships

Brand sponsorships are also increasingly popular today, especially on Instagram. This is where a brand pays an individual or provide them with free product to promote their brand. It can be in the form of an Instagram post, YouTube video, event host, blog post, all-inclusive trip, or a full round of social posts. I feel that the most effective way to land brand sponsorships is to first build an engaged audience, develop a strong point of view, and connect consistently with others online. This will help you develop authority and influence, and then you can reach out to brands that align with your vision. You can start building professional relationships by connecting on social media or sending cold emails.

If you’re new to sponsorships, there are several marketing platforms that connect brands and content creators for collaborations, such as , Aspire IQ, Insense, Activate by Bloglovin, and more. These are all great options to start building your network.

3. Banner Ads

Banner ads aren’t something I’ve really used often; however, I know several bloggers who have had success with them. Generally, there are two ways to earn income from banner ads – through clicks or impressions. With clicks, you get paid every time a viewer selects the ad, and with impressions, you’re paid a flat rate for the number of viewers that see the ad. You can even sell private ads if you have a ton of traffic that other bloggers or small businesses find valuable.

4. Digital Products or Services

If you have a special skill or knowledge high in demand, you may want to get into selling digital products or services. Some bloggers are photographers and sell that service to brands while others sell presets. I’ve seen fashion bloggers start clothing brands and beauty bloggers develop skincare and makeup products. I’m sure you’ve seen a ton of it too along with fitness coaching services, how to start a blog, or how to make money with YouTube. You’ll be surprised at the kind of knowledge and transformation people are willing to pay for.

Again, it’s key to position yourself as an expert, brand yourself, create tons of content, and spend a lot of time connecting with people so that you can convert prospects into customers.

I hope this post gives you some insight into some of the ways bloggers can make money, these are so many other ways and you can create an income for yourself as a blogger. Get creative and don’t be afraid to take a chance

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