There are some really exciting styles popping up for fall., but before you can get into the fall fashion its best to attack to your closet and make room for all your favourite styles. Here are 4 easy ways to slim down your wardrobe before taking on the cool-weather trends.

Stash your (strictly) summer clothes. Some items are transitional, but there’s a in my closet that I absolutely don't wear in the fall or winter and really won’t need until next spring. Store cutoffs, crop tops and bikinis in space-saving bags or bins below your bed. This gives your closet a fresh and uncluttered feel. You will be amazed at how fast you can put together an outfit in the morning when you only see items that you use,

Sell or donate what you don’t need. If you can’t remember the last time you wore an item, its probably safe to toss it. Gather lightly used pieces and make a dropoff at your local charity or consignment store. You can also try housing a clothing exchange party with all your friends, a great way to get some new pieces and spend some time with friends

Invest in seasonal staples. Take a less more more approach to trends and invest in items — like boots, coats and bags — that are more likely to stick around. Chose a few pieces for the season that you can combine with other pieces you already own.

Get organized. Keep bulkier items like coats and heavy jackets towards the back of your closet, and bring basics like tees and sweaters to the front. Knowing where your clothes go will streamline your morning search for something to wear.

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