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We all love hanging out with friends, but planning a party can get a little

complicated and overwhelming. Enter the game night: It's the perfect excuse for

a casual, laid-back night with a few of your favorite people. THE BEST PART?

It's so easy to put together an evening centered around healthy competition,

Sumac Ridge wine and snack foods. With the long weekend here this is the

perfect time to get together with friends and family on my patio and enjoy a fun

games night. Today I am sharing the 4 essentials you need to plan the ultimate

games night.


What games should you break out at the party? Well, that depends on the guest

list! Simple word games, board games and card games are great for small

groups. One of my favorite games to play with a smaller group is a Jenga style

game! A little bit of strategy is involved and there is always that excitement when

the tower begins to tip and tumble. It’s a great game to get your guests involved

and laughing the night away.


You definitely cannot have a successful games night without great wine from

Sumac Ridge Estate Winery. Sumac Ridge offers a variety of wines that are all

delicious and simple. My favourites are the 2017 Cabernet Merlot, 2018

Gewürztraminer and 2018 Sauvignon Blanc. I’m also really loving the new look of

their new wine labels.

For this weekend’s games night, I am serving Sumac Ridge Cabernet Merlot and

Gewürztraminer. I like having a bottle of white and a bottle of red on hand to give

my guests both options. Since I have moved to the Okanagan, Sumac Ridge has

become my favourite winery. It’s my go to wine throughout the year but it’s

especially great when enjoying it on the patio with friends!

Sumac Ridge’s Gewurztraminer is full of vibrant flavours of lychee, juicy

grapefruit and hints of spice and rose petals. It’s sweet yet spicy! The Cabernet

Merlot is packed with aromas of red berries, subtle oak and spice that carry over

to the palate. It’s a red quality red that doesn’t break the bank!


For game night success, plan for small bites that guests can grab between turns.

A charcuterie board is so great as it gives a good variety of food while keeping it

to small bites, plus it pairs great with the wine. Another great idea is creating a

potato chip bar with a variety of chips, dips and toppings allows guests to make a

custom blend.


Setting the scene is also important, make sure your guests are comfortable and

that the game itself is easily accessible for all. I am hosting my game night on my

patio this weekend, the view is fabulous and there is nothing more I love then

sipping my favourite wine (Sumac Ridge Gewürztraminer!) and enjoying the


Hosting a game night is a fantastic way for bringing people together and enjoying

a fun night in. Once you have the games, food, setting and wine you are ready to

host your own game night. Cheers to the long weekend!!!!!



May 17, 2019

Wow, great shot!! Beautiful view! Gonna have to give that wine a try!!


May 17, 2019

I just saw this wine at my local store I will need to try it, have fun at your game night


May 17, 2019

your photos are amazing. I wish I knew how to make a charcuterie boars like that. Wine sounds great


May 17, 2019

I love all your tips, your patio view looks amazing, I can see why you love sipping your wine there


May 17, 2019

WOW this looks amazing, can I come over? Thanks for sharing all these great tips

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