Okay I have been at this only a year and I definitely would not consider myself a expert at blogging, but I have learned a lot over the year and have made many mistakes along the way. Today I am sharing the top 5 blogging mistakes to avoid.

Mistake #1: Trying To Be Perfect

I am a perfectionist. I want my blog posts to be perfect. What I have learned though is that I will never move forward in life and in my business if I try to make everything perfect. Done is better than perfect. After my posts go live I look at them again and if there is something I really want to change I can still do it. My posts from a year ago are definitely not perfect. But blogging is a journey of personal growth and learning.

Mistake #2: Not Planning Ahead

When I started blogging, I honestly did not realize how much work this was going to be. But, I was very consistent and this is important because people will come to your site and always want to see something new. If you can plan ahead at least 2-3 weeks in advance with ideas and topics, you’ll be amazed at the content that you can get out and blogging will actually be fun!

Your content doesn’t need to be completely done weeks ahead though as long as the topics are there. You don’t want to blog last minute or you won’t produce very good content. You also don’t want to be stressed with trying to produce content. When you have a plan you know what you are going to be writing about and that is half the battle.

Mistake #3: Too Much Comparing

Blogging is all about creating, being yourself and putting yourself out there. It’s about being unique and telling stories about yourself. If you are always looking at what others are doing and comparing you can’t concentrate on what you are trying to create and brand. It is always great to have mentors, and don’t get me wrong there are some great girl bosses that I follow, but it is merely for support. Don’t compare. Be unique.

Mistake #4: Too Much Thinking, Not Enough Doing

Maybe you have wanted to blog for years but you aren’t taking action and doing it. Just start. Do it this weekend. Hit publish. Build your website. Don’t think too much and start doing more than you are thinking about it. Stop saying you are going to do it and just actually do it.

Mistake #5: Not Monitoring Your Traffic

Please download google analytics. It’s an easy you can track where your traffic is coming from. That is the #1 way you can see where people are coming and who is referring people to your blog. Most importantly, you’ll be able to find out what social media platform is the best for you. Figure out what works best for your content and utilize that as much as possible.

I would love to hear what mistakes you have made and how you have learned from them, please share in the comments below...

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