I cannot believe I am writing my first post about Fall fashion. Where did the summer go? As much as I love the summer I am so ready to start the fall season. I cannot wait to change my closet over to all the fall things and start wearing some of the new things I have bought over the last month and have not been able to wear yet. I know there are so many fall things out there but we cannot go out and buy them all, as much as we would like to. So today I am sharing what I think are the 5 Must Haves for Fall. You may already have some of these in your closet or maybe you want to invest in some new pieces, so here we go....


I just purchased a pair of these and I am so obsessed with this style. I was not sure how I would feel about it but I really feel like they are so flattering on and you could really have so much fun styling them wether dressy or casual. I will be sharing a post in the coming weeks on how to style this style of jeans so stay tuned for that.


I will choose sneakers any day of the week over any other shoes. I feel like you can wear them with anything even dresses at this point which makes it that much more easier to buy tons. I usually buy a new pair of cute sneakers every season, so you can imagine how many sneakers I have.(makes it hard to pack for a vacay lol). I just ordered these sneakers from Red Dress, they have not arrived yet but I cannot wait to wear them.


I feel like a plaid shirt signifies fall, I do have a few and they are so fun to style for fall. I recently bought this one and love it so much because of the unique bright colours. You will see me in this all season long.


Animal print has been a trend for a while but can you really have enough of it. I really feel like it has actually become a neutral so go crazy, have fun with your animal print outfits. I think the new twist on the animal print is mixing patterns, I love mixing stripes and animal print together. I recently purchased this Leopard Print cardigan and I am loving the look of it even with just a pair of legging. I am currently on the tin for a different animal print, snakeskin.


I am currently working on clearing out all my sweaters from my closet, I am actually embarrassed on how many I have but I feel like I really stick to like 6-7 that I really love all season long. I am really into the bright colours, the fall season has some great colour inso and this year I ordered a few colours that I normally would not wear. I love it, so fun and playful.

I am sure you have some of these in your closet right now and if not time to grab a few staples for fall, happy shopping. I'd love to hear what your must haves for fall are in the comments below....

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