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As a blogger I am always on the hunt for new beauty products, hair products, new fashion styles to try. I am always sharing all the things with you guys on stories, when I asked you what you wanted to see on the blog, a lot of you said that you want me to talk about products and things I am loving.

I love the idea of making this a semi-regular series because there are always new things that I am loving and would love to share with you all. Today I’m going to share with you guys 5 random things I am loving right now.


I cannot be the only one loving this right now, there is nothing more refreshing then a can of Perrier on a hot summer day. I am loving all the different flavours available my favourite is the new Strawberry and the classic lime. I pretty much have these daily and more then one of them. I also use these to create yummy summer cocktails.


I purchased my first bracelets when the LTK day was on so got a great deal on them, I love the way these fit on. I have never been one for a lot of jewelry but these are perfect, they are the best combination on casual style. I wear mine with pretty much everything from dresses, jeans to even shorts and leggings.


I have ad my bike now for about 3 motnhs and I am still obsessed. Love the classes, the instructors and the fact that I can do my workouts from home. I have to say it is pretty much the fitness equipment that I have purchased.


You guys probably already guessed this one, because you have seen me wear them all summer long. I originally purchased these for my Europe Trip that was suppose to happen in September. I have had a chance to break these in all summer, they are super comfy and super cute, they add a bit of chic sparkle to any outfit.


I would say this is my GO TO breakfast. I probably have this like 5 times a week. Its so yummy, refreshing, low calorie and super healthy. I have shared the recipe on stories with you but I would definitely say I am obsessed with these right now.

SO there you go, some of these are super random and so fun. What do you guys think, should I make this a regular monthly series on the blog?


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