Spring is hands-down my favorite season of the year. FAVORITE. Not just because of the change in color palette but also because of the change in weather! I will find any and every excuse to get outside. So today, I’m sharing my five favorite reasons to get outdoors.

1. Flower Power

Obviously one of my favorite reasons to get outside… the FLOWERS! For a few weeks in April, cherry blossons show off in a major way. I literally look forward to it every year, and everywhere I go I smile and am reminded of the great season ahead. A few different ways to take in all of the spring blooms: go on a nature hike, spruce up your own yard, explore local botanical gardens. We are about to make a trip to our local nursery to pick out new plants and flowers for our own back patio!

2. Music and Food Festivals

There’s literally a music or food festival going on every single weekend during spring. I like to think it’s because everyone wants to get outside as much as possible before the summer heat rolls in. From chili cookoffs to art walks there’s a festival for everything. If there are not many festival options around you, look for a farmers market or local produce stand to visit!

3. Outdoor Dining

Basically all of my dining decisions in the spring are influenced by where I can eat outdoors! I’ll specifically pick restaurants with patios for brunch and lunch on the weekends. It’s also the perfect time to hit up food trucks for a quick treat. For dining at home, we love to fire up the grill every chance we get.

4. Get Active

Whether you’re hopping on a bike or taking a hike, spring is the easiest time to get healthy. The weather is comfortable for exercise meaning you really have no excuse not to do it! Other easy ways to incorporate easy exercise this spring: go for a jog around your neighborhood, take your dog for a walk at the dog park, or sign up for outdoor yoga.. Plus afterwards, you can reward yourself with a lunch on your favourite patio.

5. Vitamin D + Breath of Fresh Air

Getting outdoors also provides a natural boost to your mental and spiritual health! By taking a little me time outside this season you can reduce stress, feel more creative and improve your mental energy. Feel the sun on your face. Roll down the windows. Leave your backdoor open. Read a book on the porch.

What are your favorite reasons to get outdoors during spring?


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