I love exploring this beautiful place I call home and the areas surrounding it. Canada is such big space but we have so many small places to explore without going that far. Living in Beautiful BC I have quickly learned how to take advantage of weekends to discover new parts of our beautiful province.


Only about a 2 hour drive from Vancouver, this beautiful place has the most beautiful scenery there is. Whistler has everything to offer whether you want to hike, hit the spa, shop, or just enjoy the culinary experience it has it all. The scenic drive is the best way to start your weekend getaway. Grab a coffee, turn up the tunes and enjoy the scenery.


I use to try to make it up here once a summer to discover wine country, to take in the beautiful and completely different landscape and to discover its beautiful lakes. But I am lucky enough to call this place home now. Looking forward to exploring all of the Okanagan so stay tuned for all my upcoming travels around the Okanagan.

The Sunshine Coast

I can’t stress enough how special this part of B.C. is, there are so many amazing places you can stop at from Sechelt, Robert’s Creek, Gibson and so much more! The coastline is so spectacular it really is a must visit destination.

Bowen Island

I came here for the first time last spring and don’t know how I haven’t been before. It’s literally a super short ferry ride away from Horseshoe Bay, the main ferry terminal to the coast and to the island in Vancouver proper. From its beautiful beaches to its magical trails and tight-knit community, it’s a truly beautiful little escape from the city.


You don’t think I’d do this list without the island on here, would you? As the capiltal city of BC it does not diasappoint. You could honestly spend a good long time on the island exploring its different and beautiful places like Tofino, Qualicum Beach and a truly Vancouver Island place like Coombs that has goats on the roof of the old country market. But if you’re limited for time, then take in Victoria. It has lots of history, shopping, eating and exploring. I love just walking around the waterfront and taking in all the scenery and the beauty of the west coast. One of my new favorite things about this road trip is a stop at the new Tsawwassen Mills shopping centre right before you hit the ferry terminal.

Planning for a road trip requires a bit more planning. You have to plan strategically, but what I love about it is you simply have to map out your lunch, shopping and rest spots. I hope you get a chance to explore some of the beautiful west coast. Where is your next road trip? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below…

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