If you’re just staring a blog and getting into photography, it might feel a bit overwhelming. You want your pictures to look a certain way NOW, without realizing that it’s actually a process and you will have to learn a few things. Here’s where the “fake till you make it” attitude comes in. You have all seen the incredible flat lays out there wonder if that is something we will ever be able to. I have recently started learning a lot about flat lat photography and have realized that it is actually quite simple. I recently did a live Instagram stream going over some of my simple tips to a perfect flat lay so today I am sharing them with you on the blog.

NATURAL LIGHT: For those of you who know my photo you all know I love bright and white photos, and the beast way to achieve this is with lots of natural light. Find a place in your house that has a big bright window that gives you the best light, if that is not something you can find you can use a natural white light bulb to add some of that great lighting to your flat lay. Even when I have great light I like my photos with as much white balance as possible so I always lighten them in my editing process. Don't forget the wonders you can do for your photos when you are editing them.

BACKGROUND: This is the easiest part of a simple flat lay, if you are like me and love white photos then you will want to use a white background. This can be as simple as a white piece of cardboard. I use a white cardboard in a lot of my flatly, it keeps it simple and looking clean. You can really use a number of things, other backgrounds I have used is textured blankets, my area rug, my wood dining room table (the grain in the wood looks great in photos) or even a marble time I picked up from Home Depot. Be creative and try to work with things in your home, you would be surprised how great your flat lay will look with just a simple piece of coloured paper.

SOMETHING PERSONAL: This is a little trick I use to ensure the authenticity of my photos. I use a personal item such a watch, rings or even my pandora bracelet that makes the photo unique and only mine. This addition not only gives the flat lay a great look it also help identify that this photo belongs to you

SOMETHING CURRENT: I have to admit I don't always use this as sometimes I like to have some flat lay photos stocked up to use when I haven't had a chance to take a great Instagram photo but when I am shooting a flat lay for my blog I always use a current magazine, or newspaper or agenda to give my flat lay relevance. This is super easy and I love the look it gives my flat lays as most magazines have a great colors and you can use that to build your flat lay

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Sometimes when you are putting together a flat lay you tend want to add tons of accessories and colors. Personally I have found that keeping it simple and sticking to only a couple of key colors makes the flat lay look clean and also makes the products you are trying to promote and out

Creating a great flat lay can be a s easy as you make it, be creative and remember to stick to what your brand represents and let your flat lay work for you.

Do you guys have any tips for creating a flat lay, i'd love to hear them please share them in the comments below...

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