Happy Monday friends! How many of you love Mondays? I know, I know you are probably thinking I am crazy right now but I actually love my Mondays and I want you to as well so I decided today’s post is dedicated to 5 things I do to stay positive on a daily basis. Let me clarify here by saying I’m not trained in this area, and am certainly not an expert, but I do practice the following strategies daily. They’ve been working for me so I’m happy to share with you!

There’s really no magic answer to always staying positive, but I will tell you this: I try and start and end each day on a positive note…

1. I MAKE MY BED EVERY MORNING: I’m talking right away, the second I roll out of bed, even before my morning coffee is made! I may be a zombie doing it, but then once I finish, I feel much more prepared, organized, and accomplished for the day. There’s no better feeling then coming home, exhausted, worn out, and stressed, then to see your bed made looking like a bed of clouds. It makes it that much more amazing to get into a made bed at the end of the day and pulling the cold sheets on top of you.

2. I WORK OUT: I’m an active person, I love working out, and I love the accomplished feeling afterwards. In all honesty, I love to eat, especially sweets, so working out doesn’t make me feel as guilty. My day never feels complete until I’ve finished a workout. I know hitting up the gym or going to a fitness class isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but even going for a neighborhood walk can boost your mood.

3.LOOK FOR THE SILVER LINING: Maybe that’s just my nature, but I always try and find the silver lining in any situation. I always ask myself to look for the positive, even if it’s small, in any situation. Even laughing a little at yourself can make light of any situation.

4. ME TIME: Even its 15 minutes in the morning to yourself to drink your cup of coffee and think about your intentions for the day and who you want to be and what you are going to do to make it happen.

5. DOING SOMETHING FOR OTHERS: Sometimes it’s the little things, like helping someone out, smiling at someone, sending a handwritten card in the mail, or complimenting a significant other on their strengths can help them, which in turn helps you. Seeing and feeling others gratitude can in turn help you feel gratitude.

What things do you do to stay positive?! I’d absolutely love to hear

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