This season we’ve become totally obsessed with blanket scarves. Wrapped, draped, twisted or tied, they are this seasons most versatile accessory. Blanket scarves turn up the heat in super soft fabrics and eye-catching patterns. First choose which one you want, then choose which way you want to wear it!

The Neckwarmer

Tied up tight, this look keeps you cozy and while showing off your scarf’s boho fringe and asymmetric edge.

The Over the Shoulder

Toss a blanket scarf over one shoulder, covering up your top half, to show off it’s trendy print.

The Belt

Adding a belt elevates your style and accentuates your waist. Be sure to drape your scarf over your shoulders, and position the ends near the front.

The Triangle

Hold your blanket scarf by opposite corners, letting it fall in half into a downward pointing triangle. Hold it in front of your chest (point down) then take each end around the back of your neck and over the opposite shoulder.

The Eternity

Wrapped up like this you’ll stay warm forever and ever. To get the look, twist your blanket scarf then wrap it around your neck 2-3 times. Tuck in the ends.

What is your favourite way to wear a blanket scarf?

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