Over the past couple of years, blogging has become the new phenomenon and a new industry has been created. I know so many women who have started a blog or website as a way to have their voice heard and have now turned it into a business of it’s own. BUT, it’s not that simple. I know this first hand. I have only been blogging for 7 months now and it is something I have to work hard at everyday, but it has become my love and passion. I feel lucky to be able to work hard on something I love to do. I have done so much research and there are so MANY factors to being a blogger. It’s not just a website, and it’s not just doing something you love, but if you are inspired by something that is a really good place to start. The fashion and beauty industry are changing and transforming all the time, and I love that and that is what inspires me. If you aspire to be a blogger and want to have your own website, I have a few tips for you that I have learned along the way. Follow these 6 easy steps BEFORE you launch!!

Photography | You need to have some edited and ready to go photos that will get you started. This to me was the fun part of getting started. Put some outfits together and be a model for the day. My blog and has some great tips on photography of outfits as well as products. If you are lacking your own original photography, it’s totally ok as long as you always link back to the original source and give them credit

Social Media | I’ts time to do some clean up, go through all your social media and give it a good overhaul and clean up. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat … whatever social channels you will be using make sure it all reflects ‘your brand

Branding | Have you determined your brand? Are you Fashion focused? Beauty? Fitness? Travel? Or like me… if you are passionate about all of it, Lifestyle! Be consistent, make sure all your content and photography is consistent within what you choose to focus on.

Content | It is important to establish your brand and create good content. Start with stocking your computer with blog posts, I would not recommend launching your site with less than 5 blogs already ready to go! Once you launch you wil be busy with other parts of your blog and may not necessarily have the time to write a new post. You want readers to come back to your site consistently. Start with posting 1-2 blog posts a week to keep your readers interested. A content calendar is what really helped me with this. Think about upcoming vacations and holidays and plan your content according to that.

Consistency | Stay consistent, not just with your posts and content but with social media as well. If you post 1 Instagram a day stick with that. Your following and readers come to your site knowing that there will be new and fresh content. Being consistent with your content, posting, social media, can be hard especially at first as it always feels like there is so much to do to get the viewers to your site, but if you maintain that consistency it make it EASY for your followers to come back to your site and read what you have to say.

Linking | With all your blog posts try to link to brands and influencers as much as possible. If you are blogging about a beauty brand, hotels, influencers, and products you love… link to them, then tweet your blog at them and mention them in all social media links, not only will this help in raising awareness to your blog from the brands and companies but it will give your reader great content as they can just click and go to the product of they like what they have read.

There you have it, these are my easy tips on becoming a blogger. I know that I am by no means a expert on this but I do have first hand experience on starting a blog. I hope you are inspired to get your own voice out there and are ready to start a blog of your own. Good luck and happy Blogging!

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