Drink more water is something we hear all the time: when we are trying to loose weight, when we are sick, when we are doing any kind of activity, in the summer when its hot and even in the winter when the airs in our homes is dry. Drinking more water and staying hydrated is something that is always important. I don’t know about you but I am always trying to drink more water it seems like sometimes there is not enough hours in the day to consume the daily recommended amount of water. I have complied some great tips to drink more water.

At your workstation make sure you have a clear pitcher of water (at least 1L )

This is literally what I do every day. First of all, ensuring it’s will give you an easy visual cue to see how you’re doing with your water intake, and it encourages you to finish it. Ensuring it’s a larger pitcher means that not only can you take stock of how much you drank, but it means you won’t get up and down so much to fetch water—in other words, it minimizes the inconvenience factor so that you just keep drinking water instead!

Create a few favourite fusions.

I’ve actually never been a huge lover of water but one thing I find that helped me in loving water again is creating different flavors in my water. My go-to is lemon raspberry (literally toss in a few lemon slices and some frozen raspberries), but mint-lime and a pineapple-ginger-mint combo I can’t live without in the summer. You can even use your water to detox with these great recipes

Carry a bottle with you everywhere.

I know, I know—it doesn’t fit in your little bag! Trust me, there are ways to work around that. Get a mini bottle! Choose glass over plastic. You can even fit a mason jar with a drinkable top! Figure out a way to have it on you because it’s the days when you’re running around between meetings that will result in serious dehydration if you’re not on top of it!

Drink a full glass of water first thing in the morning

This is the best way to get your system going for the day, before you grab your first cup of coffee down a large glass of water. Not only will you feel great but it counts towards your daily water intake

Set timers or designate cues.

If you’re still really struggling to get enough water in during the day, set about 4 timers to remind yourself to work through your bottle of water. The best times for me are mid-morning ,I always drink a big glass of water first thing upon waking, around 1, around 4 and then again in the evening. Pay attention to your body though and what activity you are doing, if you are working out or hiking but make sure you replenish more. Another great idea if you’re not into setting timers is to just designate a couple easy cues throughout the course of a typical day: maybe you drink a big glass of water every time you get up to get coffee or tea, at the end of every task, whatever will work with your schedule.

Track your hydration.

There is a ton of great water tracking apps, or you can even just make note of it in your Notes section of your phone, or your planner, etc. I’m big on tracking just about everything I do, so this works the best for me.

Not everyone will need to do this depending on how easy it is for you to work in a solid hydration habit, but if you’re struggling this will help so much.

Are any of you making hydration a focus of your current goals? Tell me in the comments what’s worked for you before or what you’re struggling with!

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