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Acai Bowls have been my go to breakfast all summer long. They are super yummy and so refreshing, easpecially in the summer. The best part they make me feel great and full of energy. This recipe is super easy and is something you can make in 10 minutes.


1 pkg of Acai Berry Superfood Pouch ( I use Sambazon brand)

Almond Coconut Milk or water( choose whatever liquid you want)

Frozen berries

Frozen Banana

Granola ( use your favourite)


Fresh Fruit (for the topping, whatever you like)


In a blender add the Acai packet, frozen banana, the Almond Milk and a handful of frozen berries. I like to use strawberries and blueberries

Ad a tsp of honey and blend

Pour in bowl

Top with fresh sliced fruit of your choice and granola

And drizzle with peanut butter or your choice of nut butter.

This is something you can really make your own how you like it and what you feel like that day, it is honestly one of the easiest things I have ever made. My kids love it as a great breakfast alternative and that is a bonus.

Hope you get a chance to try this soon...


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