Something I love about the new Insta Stories is that it allows you to see some details about my day-to-day life. Not that it’s all that exciting, but I love following other people – friends, bloggers, celebrities, because it shows you some of the behind the scenes of their life.

Today I want to share what a typical week day looks like for me. I love being self-employed because it means every day looks completely different. There is no “9 to 5” schedule. Having said that though I try to stick to some sort of structure on a daily basis, here’s a typical day for me:

  • Wake up around 7, grab my first cup of coffee and make my kids lunches and get them off to school.

  • After the kids leave for school (my daughter drives now YAY!) I open up my computer and publish my post for that day and share it on my social media channels.

  • Usually around 8am is when I head to the gym for my workout. I either go to crossfit, yoga or go for a run.

  • After I workout I usually stop at my favorite place and grab a pressed juice to get me though the next couple of hour of errands. I run around and get groceries, mail, and any other things that are on my to do list that day. (I am a list person). Depending on what day it is sometimes i'll head home and get ready to shoot some photos for upcoming collaborations and posts.

  • When I get home I’ll usually answer e-mails, edit photos for blog posts, brainstorm new brands to collaborate with, get anything else on my work to-do list checked off.

  • By this time my kids usually get home and the next few hours is about them, basketball practices and homework.

  • We always have dinner as a family, I have always grown up with this and feel it is so important. To connect and catch up after the day always completes my day


I’m so thankful for my job and love working for myself, but some of you might be surprised that the life of a blogger really isn’t all that glamorous! My week days are an endless to-do list until Friday, as I’m sure yours are too. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday!

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