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Over the last 5 years that I’ve been blogging (oh my goodness wow), I’ve definitely learned A LOT!! I’ve learned all of this by trial and error, doing my research and teaching myself from start to finish! Learning everything on my own makes it all that much rewarding at the end. Things in the blogging and social media industry are always evolving, always changing, There are definelty some great resources out there that help me everyday. I thought it would be helpful for those that are newer in the blogging world, to share the apps I currently use on my iPhone daily to help me succeed at my job! It truly is amazing that bloggers can work from anywhere and from their phone at their fingertips, isn’t it!?

INSTAGRAM: This is a no brainer- but this is the queen of all apps! If you’re not following me  yet, be sure to search and give me a follow (especially on Instagram stories!) @cupcakes_and_life

REWARDSTYLE: This is what I use on the backend to link everything through! This is an easy way to shop all of my outfits that you see!

PREVIEW: This is a great app to plan, edit, and schedule your social media content!

I plan my feed out each week so It looks ashtetically pleasing and also so I have a plan for posts for the week. Its a great way to elevate your feed to the next level.

CUPCAKES AND LIFE APP: This is a fun way to create your own “app” for your website and to reference it quickly! All you do is open your web browser on your iPhone, click the arrow at the bottom, click “add to home screen”, edit the name/website and then click “add”! Ta da!

I recently learned this and has made it so easy to access my site with the touch of one app.

LIGHTROOM: This is where I edit ALL of my photos for instagram, for my blog, for collaborations, for everything! I created my own Preset which is a one-click edit to make your photos more cohesive! Click here to purchase!

FACETUNE: This is an app I rarely use, but if needed I’ll smooth out wrinkles in my clothes on photos, or retouch anything in a photo that needs to be! It’s pretty simple and easy to use too.

CANVA: This app makes me feel like a graphic designer (which I am far from)! But it’s easy to use features allow me to create graphics for marketing, graphics for blog posts, graphics for instagram stories, and graphics for gift guides! Definitely something to browse and explore!

What are some of your favorite apps to use if you’re a blogger?! I’d love to here so definitely leave a comment with your favorites below. 


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