Summertime is the BEST time! My thoughts naturally are all about the sun, beach and the margaritas. As I am relaxing on my beach vacation in Los Angeles I know that all this sun, sand and the saltwater can put my beauty routine into a tailspin. Wether you are doing a staycation and hanging by your pool or heading to the beach for a getaway here is my must have items to keep your skin healthy and looking like a sun goddess at the same time.

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Broad spectrum sunscreen: This seems like such a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people need a little reminder on this. You have to protect yourself from those damaging UV rays! I always bring bring two sunscreens: one oil-free, high-SPF (50+) version for my face, and one for the rest of my body. It's really up to you if you prefer lotions or sprays, but I prefer lotions because I feel it absorbs netter into your skin for better protection and it's easier to make sure you haven’t missed a spot.

Lip conditioner: My lips always suffer in the sun and dry, chapped lips are a real bummer. . Bring along some Lip Conditioning Treatment to keep your lips feeling hydrated.

Sea salt texture spray: We all love the look of beach waves as we enjoy our time on the beach, but we al can't expect to walk out of the ocean with perfectly beachy, tousled waves. Sea Salt Texture Spray is infused with marine botanicals that moisturize and protect hair from sun damage while also giving that coveted beachy texture and volume. Your hair will look effortlessly stylish and smell amazing—and no one needs to know it came from a bottle.

Body Moisturizer:After a long day in the sun and sand your body needs some love. There is nothing better then lathering your skin with a great doc moisturizer. I love buying a new moisturizer when I go away with a tropical scent so I get the benefits of the moisturizer and the decadent smell of the tropics. Trust me your body will thank you for it in the long run.

Waterproof mascara. Can't hit the beach without this. Waterproof mascara is a must-have on vacation even if you don’t plan being in the water. This is one of the only products I wear while I am at the beach. Mascara can make you look refreshed and wide eyed without the under eye smudge. So Whether you are laying my the pool, shopping in the heat, or enjoying some beach time you’ll be thankful to know your lashes look on point and smudge-free.

Lip gloss: If you want to add a little shine and colour to you look on the beach opt for a lip gloss It won’t dry out your lips, and you can even apply it without a mirror! There are so many shades and even flavours that you can get now so have fun with it. Make sure you apply some sunblock lip balm underneath if there is no SPF in the one you choose

​Blotting papers: When the humidity hits you want to be able to control your shine. So swap your face powder for a pack of blotting papers, this way you can remove shine on the fly.

Bright nail polish: One of my favorite ways to get pampered and prepared for a beach vacation is to get a mani and pedi. And I love adding a bright, happy colour to my look. If you know you will be living in your swimsuit try to use a colour that is bright and compliments your swimsuit or if you will carry your outfits go for something more neutral but with a bright hue.

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