I am officially 2 weeks away from going on my first vacation of the year with my family…CRUISE!!! If you don’t travel often picking the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time is hard!! Let alone knowing what to pack!! If you’re going somewhere hot this winter or spring I have made a list of the top 5 things that I ALWAYS pack when I go on a beach vacation.

Bathing Suit | I ALWAYS bring too many bathing suits but they are small and don’t take up much room. I hate throwing on a wet bathing suit from the day before so why not throw on a brand new dry one!! I like to bring a few solid bottoms and tops so that I am able to mix and match them together. Funnily enough, I usually end up wearing them all too. Here are some that I am planning on packing for this trip …

Shoes | Shoes, shoes, shoes. I always bring a comfy pair of. I also always bring a classic pair of flip flops to just throw on to head to the pool or beach. And you can’t forget a pair of “fancy” shoes for dinners or nights out. I like to wear a cute and fashionable pair of sneakers on the plane which can also act as walking shoes while on vacation.

Sunglasses |I have multiple pairs of sunglasses and always bring them all while on vacation. You don’t NEED to splurge on sunglasses and can find tons of cute ones for cheap. There are so many replicas of expensive ones out there … I’m the type of person that would rather have MORE inexpensive ones rather than ONE expensive one. I am so rough on my sunglasses and like to be able to just throw them in my bag and not worry about if I’m wrecking them or not … ESPECIALLY on vacation!

Cover Ups | You can’t go on a beach vacation without dresses and rompers. They need to be easy to throw on over your swimsuit. The key to cover ups is making sure that they are versatile and not only can be worn to the beach but also to dinner. Dress them up with some accessories and a cute pair of shoes and you get the best of both worlds with less in your suitcase!

Sunscreen | It is recommended to use sunscreen on your skin EVERY day!!.I like using lotions with SPF on my body and a higher SPF specifically for my face. If you REALLY don’t want to damage your skin, opt for a self-tanner or a lotion with bronzing effects instead of sitting in the sun.

Whats on your packing list for your beach getaway?

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