I like all kinds of trips but like most everyone else, I’ll never say no to a beach vacation in particular. Especially with getting the first snowfall here, getting to go away to Maui today to soak in that sunshine and vitamin D is making me so happy! I’ve done many packing list in the past and you guys all seem to enjoy seeing all the things I am bringing with me on vacay.

I’m all about being on the beach, and usually rocking a simple style when I am on vacation. I’m trying to pack light, I packed a sexier one-piece  that will not only offer a bit more support and coverage to minimize sun damage, but that can double up as a top with shorts, and of course you cant go wrong with a simple black classic bikini. I also love a good vacation dress, I have packed a few for my trip and I cant wait to show you all the styles.

Besides all the styles you cant forget about the sunscreen and oversixed sunnies, both are so important for protection from the sun. As I am probably on my flight to Maui right now I hope you guys enjoy the post and check out my full packing list here.

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