Have you noticed that your daily tasks have become a little streamlined? As in, you’ve found ways to make life a little easier for yourself. Even a little faster. Maybe you record every show so you can power through the ads, or maybe you leave the slow cooker on so your dinner is ready by the time you get home? All of these things can improve your way of life, your mood and your stress levels.

What if you could have the same sort of efficiency with your beauty routine? Wouldn’t it be great to have a permanent skin expert on hand whenever you may need it, or a tool that showed you exactly which lipstick colour would suit you best. Well you can! You just need to make sure you’ve got the right apps by your side…


Like your own virtual mirror on your phone, Makeup Genius from L’Oreal Paris allows users to virtually test L’Oreal make-up looks on their own complexions before deciding on which products to buy. It also works on all ethnicities, allows for 400 lighting situations, and you can tilt your face backwards and forwards as if you're looking in a mirror.


Want to know the visual age of your skin? This step-by-step diagnosis tool works to provide you with video and image content that can help you to identify your biggest areas of concern and calculate your skin’s age in terms of visible signs of ageing and damage. Once you’re done, you can book straight through to a specialist that can help you to begin treating the areas that trouble you most.


Described as your virtual dermatologist, the Neostrata Product Selector allows you to identify the best products for your skin, according to your skin type and concerns. After answering just four questions, the app will suggest an entire skincare regimen that’s perfect for you.


Ever thought that blood-red hue wouldn’t suit you? Well don’t waste your money on a product that’s just not you ever again! This app takes a photo of you, locates the shape of your lips, then prompts you try on different shades. This is also handy if you want to try on lip colours with different outfits.


Ever been in the middle of the city or where you live and wondered where you can go to get a facial or your nails done in the next hour? Glamazon links you with beauty treatments at reputable salons close to you at a time that’s convenient for you. By simply filtering by your chosen treatment, you can discover all of the available appointments around you, or around where you’re headed, and book straight away through your phone!

What are some of your favourite beauty apps?

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