Cleansing oils are a rapidly growing category in the world of skincare and for good reason: The best among them offer the benefits of a gentle water-soluble cleanser and a lightweight moisturizer, making them especially appealing for those with dry skin. BareMinerals' Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil gets a lot right, but its formula and results have a couple of hiccups that prevent it from earning my top ranking.

Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil comes in a clear plastic bottle with an easy-to-use pump dispenser.(Which I absolutely love) Inside is a slightly yellow, translucent oil that BareMinerals recommends applying to your face dry, then adding water to it with your fingertips. Once you add water, the oil because an emulsion that you rub in circles around your face to cleanse it, and then rinse. I found that this oil-based cleanser was very effective at removing both dirt and makeup, including waterproof makeup. It didn't require any hard scrubbing, just moving it gently across the face. When it came time to rinse, it washed off easily. I was pleasantly surprised it washed off without any greasy residue.

Although the lack of an oily residue is a good thing, I didn't feel that it left my skin feeling soft and smooth as claimed. In the minutes after I dabbed off the water from rinsing, I noticed my skin felt dry and even tight, the way it would after using a soap-based cleanser—just the opposite of what dry skin needs.

Another issue I have with Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil is that it includes fragrance, along with the fragrance ingredients limonene and linalool. These ingredients makes this a less-than-ideal choice for sensitive skin, and many people with dry skin have sensitive skin as well.

Although there were a couple of things I did not particularly like, I feel they were minor issues BareMinerals' Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil definitely ranks among my top cleansers as it does have some impressive qualities.

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