Clinique claims its Even Better Brightening Moisture Mask gives skin a "new level of luminosity" and helps "restore radiance." This mask does have a lot of ingredients that help it live up to its claims as a hydrating treatment for dry skin. It does contain a small amount of a fragrant ingredient, making it potentially problematic for sensitive skin.

This mask is described as a cream, but the texture is closer to that of a thick lotion. Although the formula is lightweight and sinks into skin easily, it's best suited for normal to dry skin, as those with combination to oily skin will likely find it too heavy.

Front and center in this mask's formula are skin-conditioning agents like sweet almond oil and squalane, which can help reinforce and repair skin's barrier. While "radiance" can be difficult to quantify, it is true that dry skin can appear dull, and restoring moisture and rebuilding its barrier can improve its appearance, so from that standpoint this can do just what it says.

Also included among the ingredients are several antioxidant and anti-irritant plant extracts such as chamomile, birch bark, barley, cucumber, and apple to reduce redness and help defend skin against environmental factors—free radicals. Even better news) is that this mask is packaged in an opaque squeeze tube to protect those antioxidants from light and air, which keeps them from breaking down.

This Brightening Mask earns of my highest rating due to its ability to quickly restore moisture and its antioxidant-loaded formula. These qualities can help repair dry skin and make it appear smoother—but do keep in mind that a mask you use once or twice a week won't have as much impact on your skin's health and appearance as the products you use daily. Just a friendly reminder that we shouldn't rely on masks alone to solve skin issues like dryness, dullness, oily skin.

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