L’Oreal Paris has recently launched their line of three clay masks, each designed to target specific problems we face when it comes to our skin. With the start of the colder weather I was excited to try out the detox mask which claims to detoxify and clarify the skin.

L’Oreal says: The creamy texture detoxifies the skin’s surface by cleansing deep into the pores, leaving the skin looking clarified and beautified without drying it out.

Skin-loving ingredients

This particular detox mask includes charcoal which is known to act as a magnet and draw impurities out of the skin. The is also a powerful blend of three pure clays, which are included in all three of the L’Oreal Pure Clay masks.

Kaolin:A highly effective natural clay, known to absorb impurities and excess sebum

Montmorillonite:Rich in minerals, recognized for helping to eliminate imperfections

Ghassoul: A pure clay highly concentrated in minerals renowned for helping clarify the complexion.

The creamy mask is a dream to apply to the skin, it spreads on the skin very easily and covers very well, so you will get a lot of use out of this one jar. It has a great smell that makes this beauty routine more enjoyable. It’s hard to come by a mud mask that doesn’t leave your skin dry, but this product is great. Skin feels refreshed and super clean and believe it or not hydrated.


Skin feels clear, bright, and soft and more importantly hydrated

Smells great

Easy smooth application

Great coverage-a long lasting product

The L’Oreal Pure Clay detox mask is definitely something you should consider adding to your skincare routine. It works beautifully to draw out the impurities out of the skin, you’ll find that your skin gets clearer and brighter with each use of this softening and smoothing mask.

I have just tried one of the new masks but after the results with this one I am looking forward to trying the other 2.

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