I am always looking for and buying new lipsticks to match my outfits and give them a pop of colour.

I recently found a new lipstick that is to die for. This lipstick is like no other, KISS PROOF, SMUDGE PROOF, and WATERPROOF. Come on ladies who doesn't want this in their make up bag. With all the holiday parties coming up this is a product that you must have.

Talk about hard choices here, this amazing lipstick comes in over 60 shades, good luck in choosing just one. I am definitely a pink lover so for me I chose KATHY'S KISSES

If you can't choose just one you can combine different colors to customize your look. Check out all the different color options HERE

When I applied the first layer I immediately felt a strong tingling sensation, this felt a bit uncomfortable but quickly went away. I went ahead and applied the second and third coat. When all the coats were on my lips felt really dry but that is when you apply the moisturizing gloss on top. After applying the gloss my lips felt back to normal and looked fabulous. The color is vibrant and looks beautiful.

The color lasts all day(or night) long, all you have to do is apply the moisturizing lip gloss throughout the day or night and you are set. I put this on at 4PM before heading out to a party and by midnight when I was heading home it still looked perfect. After many glasses of wine, some great party food a few smooches with my hubby the color looked just as fab as it did when I first put it on.

What I really like about the LipSense lip stain is that it is totally transfer-proof and that its lasting power is incredible (8+hours). It's also rather lightweight, once you have the lip gloss on top your lips feel natural. I also love that there are so many colors to chose from. It's very difficult to find lip stains in so many colors other than red, pink and orange so the large variety of colors is very welcoming.

It's safe to say I am OBSESSED with this lip stain. Now is your chance to try it. I am teaming up with Melissa Hayes over @lubbock.lips to offer you a 10% OFF any LipSense order. She is truly amazing and can help you choose your first color. Be sure to use code "CUPCAKES" when placing your order.

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