So we are well into April and I wonder how many of you have stuck to those New Years resolutions. By this time of the year, most people have given up. It happens, we’re all human, and no one is perfect, but something I don’t think you should give up on is living a healthy lifestyle. There are so many apps out there to help motivate and keep us on track. Below are some of the best health and fitness apps that help me stay on track.

My Fitness Pal

I use this app every day to track what I eat and how much water I drink. I don’t actually use it to count calories, but I like to stay accountable. Entering every single thing I eat, including that cookie or donut will make me think twice if I’ve already treated myself that day. Before using this app, I figured I was drinking enough water every day, but it turns out I was actually low on the water count.


My steps, workouts and sleeping habits are all logged in the app. One of my health goals has been to walk more during the day. Working on my computer and sitting all the time makes it hard to get up and get mocing. I like being able to see throughout the day how many steps I’ve done. The app even tracks your heart rate and estimates how fit you are based on resting and active heart rates.

Peloton Cycle

I can’t get enough of Peloton Cycle. Spin classes are my new favorite cardio, and I love the flexibility of being able to do them from home. Not having to get to a gym everyday relieves a lot of stress for me. I can squeeze in on of their on-demand classes whenever I want or do a live class right from the comfort of my living room. Yes, you have to have an indoor bike to use this app, but it’s so worth it. Recently, Peloton added other workouts to their app like toning, stretching, warm-ups, yoga and so much more. I’ve shared my love of Peloton Cycle before


The Food Finder option on this app lets you scan barcodes of any food product and rates it on a scale of A – D and tells you why the product got the rating it did. If a food product has questionable ingredients the app lets you know! The app even shows you better alternatives. I use the free version, but they have some paid options that get even more in depth.

What are your favorite health and fitness apps?


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