As you guys all know Instagram is my favorite social media platform. Since I started blogging I am always on a hunt for some great spots to Instagram. I love to travel and love finding new spots in new cities, but I am a Vancouver girl at heart and I have to say that Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities out there. From the mountains to the ocean to the glass city, Vancouver is outstandingly, breathtakingly, have-to-see-it-to-believe-it beautiful – I always find new places that I fall in love with or fall back in love with old ones. I have a rounded up a few of my favorite locations that to me are the ultimate Instagram photo op destinations.


Steam Clock is not actually that new but it is something so iconic to Vancouver it’s worth fighting all the tourists to get a pic of it. This is one of my favorite corners in the city (with the Lamplighter kitty corner to Water St. Cafe) and the lighting is always on-point.


This view is really easy to find – between Bridges and the market itself with benches bordering it. Despite all the people, I always find it so peaceful. This happens to be one of the most versatile Insta locations! I come here to shoot looks.


The possibilities are endless here, you can choose which city shot you want or with a quick turn a beautiful water view is in your lens. There is also a great place to capture the iconic Lions Gate Bridge. I love shooting fitness style photos here.


My favourite beach ever. The water’s super clean, you’re protected from the wind and best of all, the views are the best. A stunning spot at sunset but really just one of my favourite places period!


Tree lined pathways and water views make this spot so desirable, especially in the Spring time when all the cherry blossom trees have bloomed.


All the mountains on the North Shore mountains are beautiful but I think Grouse is my favorite. I love the gondola ride up to this viewpoint. Grouse has incredible city view (probably the best) and the mountain landscape, especially in the winter!


This trendt spot has great cafes, restaurants as well as the water view aspect. Shooting fashion looks here is my favorite, the lighting is always great and you can find some great places to hide away from the people and get some great isolated shots

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What are some of your favorite Instagramable places in Vancouver?

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