Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Before I dive into today’s blog post of blogging do’s and don’ts I highly recommend checking out these previous blogging posts first: blogging 101, what no one tells you about blogging, building brand relationships. As a disclaimer, I’m sharing today what I firmly believe in, and what I value as a blogger that has worked for me up until this point. All of these opinions are my own, and I truly believe that these standards I have set for myself and my brand since Day 1 have set me up for success! I hope you find them helpful if you’re an aspiring blogger or just curious about the industry itself!


In no particular order, below are the values that I have practiced and preached for the past 2 years I’ve been blogging! I truly believe they have helped me achieve all that I’ve accomplished in authentic way and I will forever stay true to what I say! Don’t forget, actions speak louder than words.


  • stay consistent with your posts- your readers should know when to expect a post from you

  • hashtag up to 30 hashtags per Instagram post that are relevant to the photo

  • follow other blogs within the same niche as yours

  • interact with other bloggers within your niche to gain exposure

  • be nice and kind- create a community with other bloggers around you that are supportive

  • say no- make sure your collaborations match your brand + who you are

  • engage with your followers and earn their trust

  • be authentic and be original- be you and don’t try to impress anyone or anything

  • stay in your own lane- don’t compare yourself + don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. you do you!

  • do stay active in your community + give back + attend events

  • respond to every single comment, IG message, email, etc that you get in a timely manner

  • commit- if you’re going to be a blogger it takes a lot of dedication + persistence

  • have patience- collaborations and growth will come, trust me!


  • don’t buy followers and don’t buy likes

  • don’t isolate yourself from the blogging community

  • don’t ignore your followers- they are the backbone of your brand

Now that you’ve read my blogging do’s and don’ts…what do you think of being a blogger!? If I forgot something please let me know. Also, if you enjoyed this post let me know in the comments below if you’d like to see more blog posts like this!

Have a great week!!

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