I’m so overwhelmed by the amount of support I’ve received from everyone on all the photos on Instagram. I’m so glad that you’re loving all these photos. One of the most important things about taking great product photos is the background, so today I will talk about few ways of creating beautiful backgrounds for your product shots.

I can’t tell you how many times I’d spend hours trying to get a nice picture only to find that once imported into my computer they all looked bad. I decided to put more effort into it and go for quality over quantity.

Creating a nice, clean and interesting background can be challenging. Here are few ways to make it easier


I have a whole bunch of cardboards that I bought at Michael’s Arts & Crafts store for only a few dollars and they have served me so well! My favourite is definelty the white one and a close second has got to be black , I often use the black one to photograph my recipes. I honestly feel that it took my food photography to a whole different level.

I place the food (or product) on a small wood palette and I put this huge piece of black cardboard behind my subject. When my lens focuses on the product, the background is softened and loses a bit of focus, which makes it look like I’m taking my photos against a black wall. Cool thing about this is that I can use any color that I want, making it different and interesting each time. For some reason, I really like white and black; I think that it creates a nice contrast between the product and the background.


Computer wallpaper

This is yet another easy and essentially free way for creating unique setting. Just change your wallpaper on your computer to anything that you want, place it behind your products (stacking them up on books or something else that you find handy) and take your pictures. I love using this technique for my nail swatches. I can literally pick anything I want for my background. I place my products in front of the monitor, I have my tripod and my ring light in front and I snap away. Again, I’d prefer natural light, but just see how dark your room is.


I have tons of different placemats and sometimes I use them for my photography as well. Not only are there many colour variations but also tons of textures to choose from to change the look of your photos


This is something I can across recently. I hit up my local Home Depot and picked up some inexpensive tiles, you can get marble, glass, different colours and textures. It is the perfect way to create a perfect flat lay for your blog.

If you guys have any other ideas please share them with me in the comments below.

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