Content is the most important part of your blog. It is what gets new readers and what keeps readers coming back for more.

Creating good engaging content can be tougher then it seems, we all work hard in trying to achieve this and sometimes it takes some trial and error to get it right. Today I am sharing some tips in creating content to ensure you get the most out of every post that you work so hard to complete.

Generate your idea

Create a A blogging strategy before you write anything. Think about reader feedback, or something your audience is interested in. Conduct research to see what else is being said on that topic. What’s on Google’s front page? How can you do it better? How will it fit in with your brand?

Always include a photo

In my pinion adding a image to your post is a MUST. There’s nothing worse than a stock image that adds no value to the article you have worked so hard on. Take the extra time and create your own original images that fit in with your brand.

Create headlines that promote themselves

Be creative and come up with something that tells the reader want to expect. A headline that entertains, educates and engages. Play around with ‘how to…’, ‘5 ways…’, and ‘the insider’s guide to…’ Those are some of my favorites to use.

Make your content actionable

Give your readers lessons and actions to take. Tell them how to best use the material you give them. Try and include a call to action somewhere in the post.

Use a caring and informal voice

It’s a good idea to try and write as if you’re talking to your best friend. You want to communicate but not in the way that a teacher might talk to someone. Keep it simple and be relatable.

Keep it Relevant

Try to generate content that stays relevant forever. Think “how to survive the Superbowl” as opposed to “how to go to survive Superbowl 51”. This will help your articles to rank on Google for the long term.

Own your content

Truly believe in what you are writing about, you are more likely to write a better post and get a better response from your readers.

Read, read, read

Find some blogs, books, and websites that you really love and spend some time reading them before you write. It will really get you into the right mindset and sometimes can really get your creative juices going.

As bloggers content creation is something we are always woking on improving, what are some tips from you? I would love to hear them in the comments below...

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