We are well into the first week of 2017 and I have been doing a lot of reading and planning for my blog. I am just about to hit the one year mark and it really makes me think about what is in store for bloggers in 2017.

As a Blogger I am always looking for ways to grow my blog whether it’s getting more traffic, getting more followers, improving my content or working on collaborations, there is always something to improve on. Lets face it the social media game is always changing and it is so difficult to keep up. I have spent some time doing research on what blogging will look like in 2017 and today I am sharing with you the blogging trends for 2017.


You may already know that Pinterest is the blogger’s traffic solution. If you don’t you need to get on there ASAP. Make a plan to take Pinterest seriously in 2017.

It is not only about having good content, it is very important to create a share worthy image to pin with your content, and don’t forget about the catchy title.

This will help you get the shares and pins you want on Pinterest.


Another trend I’ve have been reading about is Facebook Groups.

Begin searching for Facebook Groups in your niche. See how active they are, and begin brainstorming ways to utilize the group to grow your blog. In my experience the blogging community is very supportive and can help you in increasing your blog traffic and blof post shares.


This one kind of scares me a bit as I am not so comfortable being on video, but I firmly believe that, you are going to be doing yourself a disservice if you ignore creating videos, or vlogging.

The key is consistency with creating videos. Always think about your readership and what they would be interested in hearing. What can you teach them? What can you show them about yourself that would interest them? Adding a video to your blog post gives you the extra viewership and gives your post something different. So if you are like me its time to get out of the comfort zone and start using the power of video.


Speaking of video this one is a bit different and equally intimidating for me. When you are live streaming there is no pause or redo, its live and raw and you cannot change it. With Facebook live and Instagram live this way of sharing your content is going to become the biggest trend for 2017.

I think live streaming has huge potential for bloggers. Not only will it give your readers and followers a real look at who you are and what your brand is but it will take collaborations to the new level.

This is something I am making as a blogging goal for 2017. Make a list of topics you want to discus that would be interesting and entertaining to your followers and just try it, see how it goes. That is my plan.

Blogging trends are constantly changing to keep us on our toes. Lets work to dominate the blogging world in 2017 one step at a time.

What are your blogging goals for 2017, share them with me in the comments below

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