This week has been so crazy at my house, with Halloween to start the week and the kids activities taking over my life right now I have had no time to shop to make a well balanced meal for my family. As most of you know by now how important it is to me to sit down and have a family meal as much as possible Chef's Plate really saved me this week.

Coming home late and seeing my Chef's Plate delivery on my doorstep was welcoming. Within 45 minutes of coming home I was able to get a well balanced healthy delicious meal on the table for my family. No need to measure any ingredients everything is prepared and ready for you to start cooking.

One of the things I really like about choosing my meals weekly online is the variety as well as the full recipe is shown so you know the difficulty level of each meal. I never know what is going to be happening each week so I opt for the easy recipes as I find them to be quick and very easy to follow. These recipe cards are great, not only are they very detailed but I love to show my family what we are making so they can look forward to something delicious.

This week I made Honey Mustard Chicken. My family loves Salmon but we don't have it very often as I am always wondering how to cook it so when I saw this on the Chef's Plate menu I had to order it. It was a huge hit with everyone.

I also chose the Chicken Parmesan Risotto. OK who doesn't love Risotto? It is one of those dishes I order every time I am at a Restaurant so I was excited to make this. I always thought it was hard to make but it was so simple. The best part was that there was only 3 of us for dinner that night so there was more left for me.

If you are ready to get some help in the kitchen from Chef's Plate then your first meal is on me. Use coupons code "CUPCAKESANDLIFE" when placing your order.

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