Last week I told you about the new revolutionary food felinely that I am loving right now. Chef's Plate is a heathy version of food delivery. There is no better feeling knowing that you can come home from work and have all the ingredients waiting for you to create a delicious family dinner. Not only does it taste really yummy but it's healthy yet simple at the same time, and that is something that is very important to me.

I love getting my kids involved in making our family dinner and Chef's Plate makes this so easy. This week my daughter made dinner while I got to enjoy a glass of wine(the best way to make dinner in my opinion).

This weeks dish encompasses all of our family favourites (chicken, mushroom, and pasta) so we were excited to make it and of course eat it.

I mentioned this last week but it amazes me that the recipe actually turns out exactly like the photo provided on the recipe card you get.

My daughter made everything by herself from start to finish. It took only about 30minutes to make and was as delicious as the first meal we had from Chef's Plate.

Bon Apatite!!!!

You can get your first plates free if you use my code "CUPCAKESANDLIFE" when placing your order.

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