When you think of Food Delivery, the first thing that pops into your mind is Pizza or Chinese?

Lately, I have been fascinated with the concept of fresh ingredients brought right to your door this new concept is revolutionizing the way we think of the words “Food Delivery”.

Chefs Plate offer something uniquely different than prepared fast food dropped off on your porch. They provide the convenience of doing the grocery shopping and measuring out the food for you. They deliver fresh produce along with a great gourmet recipe right to your doorstep. Now you can actually enjoy the fun part of cooking. Yes, you still have to dice an onion, sear a pork chop, whisk together ingredients, but to me that is the enjoyable part of creating your dishes. Being a mom of two teenagers I am always trying to make healthy meals for them. Now I have found something that is so simple, and healthy. Chef's Plate will deliver healthy fresh fruits, vegetables and meats to your door in a neatly packed box ready for you to start cooking and enjoying.

This week I had the opportunity to try one of the meals offered from Chefs Plate. They have different menu options every week to give you the variety you need. With quick weekly delivery it is very easy to get started. You don't even have to be home to receive the delivery.

It was so nice to come home to the box delivered right to my front doorstep. The box of ingredients included everything needed to create the chosen meal(even all the spices all measured out for you). The meat and seafood were packaged separately and stored with ice packs to keep them fresh. The recipe card included was so easy to follow I could have even let my kids make the meal themselves.

Let the cooking begin: The New England Shrimp Rolls took me about 30 minutes from start to finish which is great for all you moms out there. The ingredients were so fresh I wish you could smell the aroma in my kitchen. I am not a fan of buying frozen meats and seafood so I was happy to see the shrimp was fresh. I really loved how everything was packed separately and labeled so it was easy to put the recipe together.

The dish turned out so great, I have tried so many different recipes in my day and rarely does the actual dish you make at home turn out exactly like to photo you see on the recipe. This one was dead on. Okay so it looked good but it also tasted great. I have 2 picky teenager and The New England Shrimp Rolls were a hit with them and everyone in my family.

I am a legit foodie, I love to cook, style, photograph and most importantly eat food and this ranks up there in foods I have tried. Not only was it delicious but it was very light as well, The added bonus for me was also that there was no wasted food, all the ingredients in the box were used and there was nothing left over at the dinner table either which was great as we are not a left over family. We all gave this meal a 2 thumbs up and are looking forward to the next delivery from Chefs Plate

To get your own delivery of Chefs Plate be sure to use code "CUPCAKESANDLIFE" when placing your order to get a free 3 plate credit

Check out the video of how we created this beautiful dish.

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