Sipping a cup of Coffee is an important part of my daily routine for many years. Coffee is cherished for its ability to refresh a person from inside. Coffee has the potential to solve skin problems, it has many anti-oxidants that function against skin damage. It plays a great role in reducing the puffiness under the eyes. Coffee can also be a great exfoliator. It has the ability to penetrate deep into the pores and remove the impurities, which other exfoliators can’t. This facemask is great for all skin types.


4 tbs of ground coffee powder

3 -4 tbs of cocoa butter

1/2 cup of cream.

Mix all the ingredients to form a uniform paste, which can be applied on the skin. Leave mask on for around twenty minutes on the face and wash with luke warm water.

Here are some coffee Advantages after using this mask:

Coffee has the ability to increase the blood circulation, which will provide you with healthy skin.

Coffee possess the antioxidants, this will leave your skin clean and clear.

Your skin can defend itself from the harmful UV rays and escape from skin damage.

Your skin will feel smooth

You will notice a decrease in fine lines

Your skin will be glowing

What is your favourite DIY face mask?



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