Happy Monday! Monday is the start of a new week and I love starting the week off with a great sweat. I’d gotten a few request from you guys via snapchat/instagram to share my workout routine so today I am sharing it with you.

Previously, my workout routine was 99% cardio with a yoga class or random weight day thrown in there. Recently I’ve really been trying to branch and adding consistent weight training to my routine. I’ve also added other forms of cardio such spinning. There’s definitely still a heavy amount of cardio in my routine, But I am loving the way my body is feeling adding in some weight training.

Every week looks a little different, but for the most part here’s my current workout routine

Monday – spin class, I currently just take spin classes at the local rec centre but I am looking forward to moving to Kelowna to try out Spinco.

Tuesday – circuit training. Usually concentrate on lower body. I pick 6-8 different moves that targer the glutes, quads, inner thighs and outer thighs and do 3 sets incorporating a burst of cardio in between each set.

Wednesday – 5-6 mile run + ab workout

Thursday – usually similar to Tuesday except this time targeting my upper body. Biceps, Triceps, Shoulders, back.

Friday – usually spinclass again unless the weather is great I will do a trail run with hills. I have some great hiking trails in my neighborhood and in the spring time I love getting outside for my workouts.

Saturday –another circuit training day but targeting the full body. I usually have more time so I will chose 4-6 exercises for upper body, 4-6 exercises for lower body and 4-6 exercises for abs and do each of those 3 times. I usually end with 30 min of cardio like the elliptical.

Sunday – rest day or easy yoga class

Ideally I’d like to add more yoga and stretching into my routine, but I’ve loved starting to do more with weights! I feel so much stronger and healthy overall. The progress is fun to watch and I’ve enjoyed seeing how my body responds to weight training.

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