Abbotsford Tullip Festival has been a tradition in Vancouver for many years, every year I see all the beautiful photos about this place and I have never been. So this was my first time there and it did not disappoint my expectations. The tulip fields are so beautiful it really takes your breath away when you get there and see it first hand. If you have never been or still need to get there this year you are in luck, you have until May 14th to visit. This year they are open on Mother's Day, what a great experience to give your mom on Mother's Day.

If you have never been here is a few tips that might help make your first visit the best experience:

  • Since the Weather in Vancouver has been so rainy the fields are muddy and it you want to get into the fields and get a loser look at the tulips wear rain boots, even if the sun is shining that day wear them anyways

  • Buy your tickets online: there is only 7 days left in the festival so to make sure you reserve your tickets online

  • It is a destination for all so be prepared for lots of people, especially if the sun is out

  • Bring a camera and a friend who can snap some good shots and that is patient

  • Smile and enjoy your time, I mean come on you are walking in tulip fields

Okay on the fashion of this post, I had planned to wear this adorable white baby doll dress and these cute booties, but even though it was sunny out it was freezing outside and it was muddy in the fields so it did not write happen. I ended up putting on these great leggings under my dress and of course rain boots, which was great because I could really get in the fields and enjoy the tullips.


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