As a personal trainer I am always asked about how to loose weight. What you put in your body is 75% of the battle, sometimes all it takes to slim down are a few simple food swaps. Follow these tips to curb cravings without having to cut flavor.

Think pink. Ditch your table salt and go with Himalayan pink salt, instead. The pink stuff is packed with more than 80 trace minerals and contains less sodium per serving than traditional table salt. And a bonus it looks pretty

Parsnips instead of potatoes. Roast parsnips are the better alternative and are a better-for-you take on french fries. You can also try them mashed for a lightened-up version of the classic side dish. Sometimes you can't even tell you are not eating potatoes

Zoodles are the new noodles. Zucchini noodles and spaghetti squash make excellent alternatives for your favorite starchy pasta. Pasta is one of my favourite food ever and I truly love this food swap, Actually tastes better then the real thing, pair with your sauce of choice and Voila, perfection

A cleaner crunch. Cucumber slices provide the same snack satisfaction as chips or crackers, but without the sodium, carbs and sugar. They also help you feel fuller, thanks to water content and fiber, so you end up eating less overall. This one is one of the tougher food swaps as chips are my achilles but if you are committed after a few times you won't even need the chips and salty crackers

Avocado over everything. Hold the mayo and opt for a little ripe avocado. It makes a great spread for sandwiches or can be mixed into your chicken, salmon or tuna salad. Avocado contains healthy fat and you will be surprised at how good it tastes in your sandwich

Buffalo for beef. Buffalo, otherwise known as bison, can replace conventional beef when making a burger, tacos or chili. It’s lower in calories, fat and cholesterol than chicken and higher in protein than beef and tastes great.

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