I love to travel in style and for me, flying is no different. My carry on bag is packed full of neck pillows, ear plugs, magazines and skincare products to ensure some rest and relaxation on my flight.

For most of us flying can sometimes trigger some anxiety so it’s really important to rest as much as possible especially if you’re crossing time zones. No one wants to spend the first 24 hours of their holiday recovering from jet lag so it’s always a great idea to prepare before your flight so you can take advantage of the time to rest. Here are my essentials for having a peaceful flight:

Bring a neck pillow. If you can’t afford a premium seat in business class– make it comfy yourself! A neck pillow is a must. They come in various textures and colours to add to your comfort, my neck pillow is super soft and I take it whenever I travel especially on flights.

Spritz some pillow mist. To feel extra sleepy I spray my travel pillow with the scent of lavender, or sweet jasmine once I’ve settled into my seat. The scent aids sleep and relaxation, so once I inhale the aroma I’m ready to drift off and dream.

Ignore in-flight entertainment. Staring at a screen during your flight won’t help you sleep as the light from the screens stimulates your brain. If you want to catch some shuteye try listening to a podcast or try using a mediation app to help you relax

Wear earplugs. There is so much ambient noise on a plane that it can feel near impossible to focus on relaxing or sleeping, so pack some earplugs to block out the sounds.

Stay Hydrated. Flying is the worst for feeling hydrated. Bring your own water bottle, which you can fill up after you pass through security and sip on water the whole time.

Bring a book. Reading always de-stresses me and takes me away from it all, so I like to pack a book for a flight.

Invest in a Inflight Kit. My In Flight Kit is from The Organic Pharmacy, I stay comfortable and rested with a mixture of homeopathic remedies, flower essences and oils to soothe and support the body and mind.

What do you pack for a flight to make sure you are relaxed? Comment below to let me know!



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