Blogging has taken over the internet world over the years. Even though I have been bloging for a year I would still consider myself a new blogger. I feel like I am constantly learning from other bloggers and from myself. As a blogger and as you continue on your journey it is important to ask yourself some tough questions to improve your blog content and yourself. Today I am sharing 5 tough questions I recently asked myself.

What is my point of difference?

How is your blog different from the billion other blogs out there?What are you doing differently and how will that impact people?

A lot of new bloggers start up a blog because they have a passion to write or make some extra money, but not everyone thinks about what their point of difference is going to be. This is extremely important if you want to have long term success.

Is my writing style improving?

A blog is primarily a written medium. Sure, we have videos and photos but for the most part it is about writing. Putting words together and most importantly getting people interested in what you are writing about is so important.

The best way to improve your writing style is to read a lot and write a lot. Practice makes perfect.

Is my reader engagement improving?

With my blog I am really interested in growing a community. Reader engagement is very important to me and I am constant evaluating this part of my blogging. Make sure these measurements are increasing steadily. Grow that community if you want to have a long term and sustainable business.

Am I happy?

A lot of us get into blogging because we want a outlet for our passion. That was my reason. But somewhere along the way you might find that you aren’t really that happy with the direction your blog has taken.

It is really important to ask yourself whether you are happy with what you have created and how it has impacted your life.

Am I helping people?

The most important thing to ask yourself, in my opinion, is whether or not you are helping people.

I really believe that you should not have any regrets. Some of our biggest source of regrets is our jobs.

The wonderful thing about a blog is that you have a great opportunity to help people with whatever it is that you write about. Make sure every article that you write is written with passion and honesty. You can only do your best each and every day.

I have to admit these 5 questions were tough to ask but the best advice I can give is to really be honest with yourself and act accordingly. So ask away!

What are some of the questions you ask yourself to improve your blog?

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