Even though I am a beauty lover when it comes to make up I am pretty minimalistic. I love the natural look and my everyday beauty reflects this. Today I am sharing the 5 beauty products that are in my make up bag and are a part of my Everyday Beauty.

The first thing I always use in the morning before I even grab my first cup of coffee is my L'OREAL YOUTH CODE, I wish I could describe the things that this cream does for my skin. During the winter months my skin gets dry and itchy and this moisturizer is a lifesaver. I have tried so many moisturizers in my life and this one is always my go to. It’s thick and creamy, but it absorbs very quickly, doesn’t feel heavy at all and my skin actually stays hydrated. I’ve got nothing but love for this product and that’s why its become one of my everyday essentials.

I am not a big fan of heavy foundation so I find that for me BB cream is what works best, I love RIMMEL BB CREAM MATTE It gives me the best coverage without the heaviness of a foundation. I really like this one as I find it really evens out my skin tone for a flawless look.

Okay ladies this STILA CREME BLUSH is the best thing I have ever found, For me it has a multi purpose I use it on both my cheeks and my eye lids a s a eye shadow. There is no better way to get a perfect match. My favourite color is POENY This color gives my the fresh face look that I love in a natural looking way.

Every girl needs a great mascara, I usually will not leave the house without mascara. I am always switching up my mascara and trying news ones, but right now I am loving COVERGIRL BOMBSHELL I love that it has the 2 different wants to get the lush lash look you want. And I love that is a great brice, under $10, can't go wrong.

My Everyday beauty is not complete without a great gloss on my lips, with all the daily activities I usually do not wear lipstick so I stick to a great lipgloss that makes my lips feel soft, and looks great. I love BIGELOW MENTHA LIP SHINE You can get it in a variety of flavors but right now I am loving the VANILLAMINT.

As you can see it does not take a lot for me to achieve my Everyday Beauty. What are some of your favourite beauty products part of your everyday routine? Please share them with me in the comments below....

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