TGIF! That is exactly how I am feeling today. Fridays are one of my favourite day as they are for the most of us but Friday usually marks the end of a my week for workouts. YAY!!!!. One of things that keep me going throughout the week is knowing I have a weekend of no workouts to look forward to. The weekend is my time, time to give my body a rest and enjoy some family time. That being said I don't usually sit on the couch all weekend and do nothing, I really try to get outside and do something active with my family. So I am actually working out in a sense but really I am having fun.

Last month I shared with you guys my New Fitness Journey and today I am giving you a little progress report. I am four weeks into my journey and today I am sharing with you guys what keeps me motivated, some of the meals on my meal plan and how this new Fitness Plan is making me feel. Also most importantly my progress results.

I have to admit my first couple of weeks were tough, so many new routines to incorporate into my daily life and pushing myself as hard as I could. If you have followed me for a while you know that I have started a fitness journey many times but this time has been so different. I really could not have gotten through the first 4 weeks and got the results so far without my personal fitness coach Paige. She is on top of my workouts and nutrition daily and I love our weekly check ins where I provide her with my feedback and vice versa and she sets new goals to strive for the following week.

Yes she is there supporting and pushing me but it really is something within you that has to keep you motivated each and every day, here are a few things that keep me motivated:

RESULTS--this is a big one, when I can see inches coming off or when I can lift extra weight in my workouts or even when I hit my protein goal(trust me this is a hard one) it all motivates me to keep going and to know better things are coming

ACCOUNTABILITY--In the past I have really only been accountable to myself, and we all know how easy it is to cheat, I really feel being acceptable with tracking my food as well as my workouts (which Paige checks up on all the time) is a huge motivating factor

FAMILY--You need to have the support of your family, my husband and kids are so great, they are so proud of what I have achieved so far and are my number one fans. Plus I like the fact that I am teaching my kids something great in the process

THAT GOOD FEELING--Who does not want to feel good everyday when they wake up, full of energy and ready to conquer the day. Just in the last 2 weeks this is something I have felt and I don't ever want to loose that feeling.

VACATION--This was the number one reason I started this journey and it motivates me knowing I will feel and look good when I hit the beach in Maui in my bathing suit.

Even though I am seeing some great results there have definitely been struggles. In the beginning I found it so difficult to hit my protein target and even my carb target, yes I can eat carbs!!!! I struggled with tracking my food every day and staying on track. A few weeks back you all know it was thanksgiving and with family in town it was so hard to stay on track with food as well as fitting in my workouts in the week. And then there is the dreaded scale, my weight has not dropped as fast as I would have liked but as I have learned it really is not about the number on the scale. My results are so great in my body measurements and I feel so great so far that is all that matters to me.








Lets talk about FOOD!!! As you guys have all heard that diet is 75% of the battle. Sometimes that is easily said then done. This time I was so serious about my diet and was not going to fall off the wagon. Using My Fitness Pal was a great way to make sure I was hitting my targets everyday and a huge game changes was planning out the night before. Paige pushed me tot do this an I really feel it was a huge reason why I have been able to keep to my nutrition. I know you guys have all asked about the kind of food I am eating so here is a sample day for me:

BREAKFAST: 1 egg and 1/2 cup egg whites, turkey sausage, spinach, red pepper

SNACK: Protein shake( I usually have this after my workout)

LUNCH: Salad with chicken breast

SNACK: greek yogurt, protein granola, peach

DINNER: 1/2 cup rice, ground turkey, green beans, mushrooms

Something we have incorporated is a free meal each week where I can pretty much eat whatever I want for one meal. This is so great something to look forward to, last week I had a burger and fries. And it was so good...

Yes I have worked really hard and incorporating all these strategies into my daily schedules but I really feel that working with a fitness coach has made the world of difference. If you want to get started on your fitness journey with a fitness coach contact Paige, and check out all the great info Paige shares on her IG check it out HERE.

Even though I am four weeks in and I am seeing some great results, I still have lots of work to do and lots more results to see. I will give you guys another update next month so stay tune......

Also if there are any other details you are interested in for me to include in the next post then leave them in the comments below....

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