TGIF! That is exactly how I am feeling today. Fridays are one of my favourite day as they are for the most of us but Friday usually marks the end of a my week for workouts. YAY!!!!. One of things that keep me going throughout the week is knowing I have a weekend of no workouts to look forward to. The weekend is my time, time to give my body a rest and enjoy some family time. That being said I don't usually sit on the couch all weekend and do nothing, I really try to get outside and do something active with my family. So I am actually working out in a sense but really I am having fun.

Last week I shared with you guys my New Fitness Journey and today I am giving you a little progress report. I am sharing with you guys what kept me motivated this week, some of the meals on my meal plan and how this new Fitness Plan is making me feel.

My goal this week was to make it to Crossfit 4 times and attend one hot yoga class. I am happy to report I achieved this goal and it feels great. Here are some of the ways I stayed motivated this week:

1The first thing I did on Sunday night is sign up for all my crossfire classes for the entire week. Planned which days worked best, added them to my calendar and now it is a part of my schedule

2 I have to admit that I did buy a few new items to add to my workout wardrobe, this is a great motivation, It is exciting to put on the new pair of leggings and rock them while getting your sweat on

3 My crossfit class consists with a lot of the same people everyday and we all have the same goal so for me seeing the same people and catching up on the night before Bachelor episode is a great reason to get my but out of bed and get there.

4 I also tried something new this week, after every workout I wrote down how i felt after killing it in the gym, then every morning when my body was aching and I was ready to cancel I read what I wrote and it really gave me the motivation to go. There is never a time I said to myself I wish I did not come after I was there and working out.

Lets talk about FOOD!!! As a Personal Trainer I always tell my clients that diet is 75% of the battle. Sometimes that is easily said then done. This time around I really tried not to put too much pressure on myself with the food and just started incorporating healthy choices slowly. I still allowed myself that movie theatre popcorn since I chose some healthy options throughout the week. Here are some of the healthy meals I chose this week:

I am about 3 weeks into this 12 week program and I am now just starting to feel good, they first three weeks have been tough, my body hurts everywhere and it is really hard to move. This past week the soreness has weakened and I am starting to feel strong. I even accomplished some milestones this week with my ankle. I was able to skip this week for the first time. It is a great feeling to know you are working on getting stronger, When I started this 12 week program I really had a goal in mind to get stronger, not to loose weight but to actually get stronger in body but especially my ankle. I feel like I have been focused on this and am starting to see the results of my hard work.

Stay tuned for further updates next week as I share my fitness journey with you guys.

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