Okay you guys all asked for this, It has been 4 weeks since my last update and I am getting so many questions from you guys regarding my update. I have been working with my coach Paige Vandy for over 8 weeks now and I am so happy with the progress I have made and the results I have seen.

Todays post is really dedicated to my vacation. While I was away I was getting so many questions from you guys about how I am staying on track, how I'm fitting my workouts in, how I'm tracking my macros.. Going to Maui was one of the main reason I started working with my coach as I wanted to get into bikini shape before my trip. Even though I am not exactly where I want to be yet I feel confident about what I can do and the results that can come from it. I have to say this is the first time I went on vacation and felt confident that I can maintain my nutrition and workouts. I feel like Paige gave me the tools to make good food choice but at the same time still splurge a little, after all it is vacation.

First off I did not track my macros during my vacation, mostly because it would be too difficult since I did not have control over how foods were prepared. But the thing was I felt so confident about which foods to pick because I was so use to tracking everyday and I was not afraid to make any modifications at restaurants.

Second lets talk about workouts, I did want to work out 3 times while I was there and I wanted to do yoga. I fit my workouts into my morning because I knew I would be too tired to get there later in the day. It kind of helped that there was a 2 hour time difference, I felt like I was waking up early anyways so I knew I could get my workout it.

Here are a few tips I used while I was on vacation to help me stay on track:

1. I always tried to eat a healthy breakfast: eggs, egg whites, turkey bacon, greek yogurt.

I got all my water intake into my day. Staying hydrated is so important especially when my body was use to this

2. I made a plan before I left as to how many times I planned on doing workouts, I also checked the resorts activities and planed out which ones I wanted to do, for example I wanted to yoga on the beach so I made sure that was part of my schedule

3. I made substitutions: the one good thing about eating out is you can pretty much ask for a side of veggies anywhere and request that they be cooked plain

4. I stuck to mostly fish, being in Maui fresh fish is their specialty so I pretty much ate fish all the time

5. Splurged a little bit: I knew I was not going to deprive myself after all I was on vacation, I did have some pina coladas and may tai's and can't forget about the unforgettable banana bread on the road to hana.

Splurging is OK I knew I had implemented some of the other strategies and I knew it would not affect my progress.

I am happy to report that after I came home I still weighed the same amount and all my measurements were the same. That to me was success.

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