Many of you might not be aware that celery burns more calories than it provides, making it a good snack to enjoy when you are trying to lose weight. There are other foods that have the same power. The following foods burn more calories than they contain. Not only do they burn calories they provide additional important nutrients and minerals. That makes them a good add-on to any healthy lifestyle.


This low-calorie food can be helpful if you skip the sugar. Half a grapefruit contains 36 calories, which is the same amount of calories you burn digesting it.


Lettuce is a good substitute for bread and it has fiber, which helps your digestive system function more efficiently.


Celery is filled with water and helps you feel full. Use it as a snack and it can help with weight loss since it takes more calories to eat celery than celery contains.


Cucumbers are another great choice for a snack. They are delicious and refreshing and provide nutrients to your body to keep it functioning properly.


Watermelon can be a good choice for a dessert rather than cookies or candy. This food contains a lot of water, is sweet taste and contains vitamins


Zucchini can be eaten in a variety of recipes, so its versatility is appealing. Eating it raw is the best way. During digestion, your body uses the majority of the 15 calories found in a serving .


Cauliflower is filled with fiber and vitamins. It can be eaten raw or cooked, and it can also be a good substitute for certain high calorie ingredients in dishes.


Peppers increase your metabolism. They are a great choice for spicing up a dish and can substitute for dressing to provide some flavor


Apricots provide essential nutrients and also have a sweet taste, so you can use them as a substitute for desserts and burn calories rather than tacking them on.


Apples are a great alternative to sugary junk food when you have a craving. They take more calories to digest than they have. They are also high in fiber and will keep you satisfied for many hours.

These foods can easily be added to any diet. All of the foods are delicious on their own but can be added to any recipe without adding any calories.

Which of these foods are in your diet?

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