If you have been following me through my fitness journey you know there has been many ups and downs. I have to say that it is a constant struggle to keep working out and eating healthy. Lately I have decided that anything is better then nothing. Meaning that as long as you are doing something for your body it is always a better choice then sitting on the couch and doing nothing, even if it’s just a evening walk with the dog. I decided to share 3 things I do to ensure I get the most out of every workout:

Eat before AND after: I always need snacks to keep me fueled during the day however, especially pre-working out. I need a good boost of energy and a power bar, trail mix, or banana usually does the trick! Because I workout in the morning M-F, I usually eat something small before workout and make a good healthy breakfast soon after working out to help my muscles recover and rebuild properly.

Wear proper clothing: I know this sounds like a no-brainer, however, some of the cutest workout clothes can be uncomfortable or fit you improperly and be irritating during the workout. You want to have your mind solely focused on the workout so wearing the most comfortable and form-fitting clothes that don’t get in the way are the best for a good workout (like these pants , this tank and these shoes

Positive self-talk: We’ve all been there done that, I’m sure of it…wishing the workout was over, or thinking you can’t make it any farther. Well, guess what, you CAN! Working out is mostly a mental game so I always give myself little pep-talks to keep me going: And remember your actually doing something instead of sitting on the couch. You want to leave this gym feeling accomplished, so be positive.

I hope you have a great workout today, whatever that may be! Unfortunately, I have a outdoor run planned this morning, I love running in the fresh air. Have a great day!


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